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Bulk SMS API and Samples

As the leader of a business organization you would no doubt have to take decisions to send information to your clients from time to time. Be it in the business of banking or insurance or even hospitality clients demand information at all times. in the banking sector actions like withdrawal of funds, interbank transfers, credits or even inter account transactions needs to be confirmed via an instant form of communication at all times. It is ideally done through SMS.

A large number of companies are increasingly dependent on the use of SMS and email communication. With smartphones having become ubiquitous SMS has become the most favored form of communication. If you are looking for a bulk SMS reseller don’t look any further than dubaimirchi.com. We are one of the largest providers of bulk SMS in the Dubai, sending out messages across the globe to more than 180 countries and over 800 networks. We provide a comprehensive bulk SMS API and samples for you to choose from. Our SMS API platform is robust and is capable of handling large volumes of SMS individually customizable to ensure that you can reach out to your client base easily. You can easily integrate your existing webpage with a form by simply modifying the code with our API.

The most popular of our SMS API is the HTTP to SMS API. You can easily integrate our API with your web based projects which may have been designed using Java, PHP, Python or VB.NET to name a few scripting languages. All you need is a website that can accept contents of a form and have been coding in one of the many web scripting languages, like the ones named above. For other users who need to send out much larger volumes of SMS, you can use one of our other API’s such as SMPP API or even the FTP to SMS API.

API for send simple Text Message


API for send Unicode Message


API for send Flash Message


API for send Unicode and Flash Message


API for check Balance


API for check delivery Status


SMS API Send SMS - HTTP Post : PHP Example

SMS API Send SMS - HTTP Post : C# Example

SMS API Send SMS - HTTP Post : JAVA Example