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The term OTP or one-time password is rather familiar with the smartphone using community. It is a step in the mandatory two step verification process with which it is ensured that the information being sought is actually sought by the real owner of the account. This two-step authentication process becomes critical when the information being sought pertains to financial or social in nature and specifically of a nature that can critically affect the financial or social presence of an individual. Banks, insurance companies, social media or even email service providers frequently use this method to ensure that the account is being accessed by the genuine owner and not by a cracker.

As already iterated the security cover is provided only for uncommon services. These would be for example, change of password, transfer of funds to a new account, setting up of a new account for funds transfer, change of mobile number and so on. It is increasingly being used by online shopping platforms as well such as to verify order placements and to tie an order with a mobile number when a person attempts to place an order without signing up first.

This OTP SMS system API is provided by specialized SMS platforms. Dubaimirchi.com being a leading provider of such a service. At Dubaimirchi.com we believe in quality and that is why our OTP SMS system API, which is the fundamental mechanism to connect with our system, is designed with care. It is designed to ensure that minimum programing knowledge is required. Some technical knowledge is necessary. If you are unsure how to integrate the code with your website you can check our comprehensive API manual. The manual is designed to assist even no coding background individuals to change, copy paste a few pieces of code here and there to get an API integrated.

OTP SMS Features & Benefits

  • Instant Delivery of SMS
  • Secured SMS Routes
  • Priority SMS Gateway Routes
  • Live Delivery Report
  • Globally & All Operator SMS Delivery
  • Easy integration with Organization Systems
  • Transactional SMS Services
  • 9 Years in Bulk SMS Industry
  • Dedicated Funnel & Routes for OTP SMS Services
  • Own SMS Gateway Technology
  • Direct Multi Operator Connections
  • Auto Load Balancing between SMS Gateways to ensure timely SMS Delivery & Quality Services
  • Global Coverage
  • No Fake Deliveries, No SMS Cutting
  • Live Delivery Reports
  • Rare DowntiOmes
  • Inhouse Development & Support Teams
  • SMPP, HTTP & XML SMS API offering to Clients for integration with their systems

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