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Two way Text Messaging

There is no doubt that text messaging has become one of the most popular forms of communication to hit the public. It is no longer considered strange to use a phone like a typewriter and push buttons over and over to send someone a message. Sending messages in text form has been shown to be very convenient for both the message sender and the receiver. Now there are actually two types of messaging by text: one way and two way. Two-way text messaging is used as a marketing tool by business owners, so how exactly does two-way text messaging work?

One-way Text Messaging

When someone thinks about text messaging, they typically think of sending a message to someone and waiting to see if that person replies. There is no guarantee that the person at the other end will bother responding to the message; that is how one-way text messaging works.

Two-way Text Messaging

Two-way text messaging is set up differently. A communication system set up with two-way text messaging means that whoever sends a text message to the number in question triggers an automatic response and gets an immediate answer to a query. The response will either be in the form of another text message reassuring the client that his inquiry will be answered shortly, or it will be set up to alert a marketing professional who in turn quickly responds to the lead

Two-way Text Messaging For Marketing Strategies

Marketing companies are using two-way texting technology to increase lead times and improve sales. Companies can now avoid losing clients due to slow response times. Two-way texting allows them to be immediately alerted to the inquiry of a potential customer.

In the past, if a customer wanted to ask a business a question, they had to call them and leave a message. Often the message would either get lost in the shuffle of paperwork, or the client would lose patience waiting for a return call and take their business elsewhere.

With two-way text messaging immediately alerting businesses to the inquiries of potential clients, this allows professional marketers the ability to quickly connect with the potential client. A faster response time means that the clientele won't fall through the cracks.

Businesses have to keep an edge over their competitors. This means making a customer connection as quickly as possible. Two-way text messaging has taken the marketing industry by storm as a great tool for building a profitable business.

Have you tried two-way text messaging in your business? If not, then you just don't know what you're missing. Try it now by signing up at TextMagic today!

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