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Text Messaging Features

In today's business scenario across the world, text message has acquired prominent place in determining the communication with all types of clients. Through the messaging services, small to bigger businesses are able to quickly respond to customers queries and let them have information about the new development taking place in a company. Thus, text message has become an impressive and highly effective tool of marketing the products and services of a business. today's sms services come loaded with lots of useful features, all aiming at making the contact with the people even smoother. In fact, there are plenty of useful features available in sending of text message to wide ranging customer base of a business and you should choose the right ones.

Increasing numbers of business people are making strategies to accomplish marketing success though text online and email text when they want to launch new products and services or want to consolidate the market share of older ones. For customer care and PR sms have become a major tool for effectively contacting the many thousand people instantly.

There are almost no disadvantages associated with text message, except that you are restricted by the size of the message. Mostly, you are allowed to keep your message size within 160 characters. You should also be aware of the fact that when you send out promotional message on mobile phone, you should be legally providing opt-opt at the end of the message when it goes out. Or, you will be charged with penalties.

However, to resolve the problem, some companies are offering the features like an OPT-OUT and OPT-IN on their services. Such systems are also generally free of spasm. People will get the messages only when they request for it on becoming a subscriber.

If you want to send coupons and updates to the subscribers, then broadcast feature of text message is useful. Under this, the mobile broadcast system allows the advertisers to send any number of text messages to unlimited numbers of subscribers any time.

Another useful feature available in text message is to create a future broadcast campaign. You can select the date and time to send the message to your subscribers. All you need to do is to provide your information in time release broadcast box and then save it. Then, the broadcast will automatically send the message fixed for the time scheduled earlier.

For corporate sponsored Ads, text message trailers Ads is useful features. The users can ride a text message as a trailer on all text messages that are sent by the users to the subscribers. This feature allows the publisher to sponsor Adname services for Ad campaign.

Text message also comes with the feature of MMS that mainly allow for adding a custom image or coupon to text messages, with the images delivered through MMS. Know your requirement from text message before you settle for a particular feature.

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